MK approval

An MK approval is a voluntary Danish scheme for materials and structures. Even though your product is CE marked, it can also be MK marked to verify that it fulfils the Danish regulatory requirements.

Application for MK approval What does the MK-approval cost?

If, as a manufacturer, you want to market your construction product in Denmark, choosing an MK approval may be an advantage - even though your product is CE marked. The MK approval is you and your dealer’s guarantee that your construction product can be used legally in Denmark.

The approval scheme for materials and structures for buildings (MK) primarily covers the materials and structures that cannot be assessed exclusively on the basis of the Danish Building Regulation and the related norms or standards. 

For instance, you may have an innovative building product for which there is no standard, which makes it difficult to assess whether the product meets the performance requirements of the Building Regulation. The MK approval then provides documentation that the product is suitable for the stated use. It also documents that the product may be used in accordance with the Danish Building Regulation and related guidelines, norms and standards as well as the regulations or instructions prepared in relation to the building regulations.


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