ETA-Danmark is an independent body which approves construction products. We have long-standing experience in issuing voluntary approvals in Denmark.

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What we do

ETA - European Technical Assessment

It is a voluntary scheme and applications can be made for all products not covered by harmonised standards. Having obtained an ETA you can CE mark your product.

MK approval

An MK approval is a voluntary Danish scheme for materials and structures. Even though your product is CE marked, it can also be MK marked to verify that it fulfils the Danish regulatory requirements.

Approval of water supply and drainage systems (VA)

A VA approval is a voluntary Danish scheme for water supply and drainage products. The VA mark will help you strengthen the sale of your products because the VA mark is recognised and respected in the industry.

ETV - Environmental technology verification

As a manufacturer of innovative environmental technology, getting an ETV verification statement makes good sense. Not least if you market your products in the EU.

ETA-Danmark has more than 40 years of experience with approving construction products in Denmark.

We issue MK approvals for materials and constructions and VA approvals for water and drainage equipment.