ETV - Environmental technology verification

As a manufacturer of innovative environmental technology, getting an ETV verification statement makes good sense. Not least if you market your products in the EU.

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An ETV verification statement provides documentation that the technology you sell lives up to your promises -  for instance, that it has a certain function or complies with specific requirements. This may be low energy consumption, a cleaner technology or high performance.

The verification is recognised within the EU and in other countries as well, including Korea, the USA and Canada. The mutual recognition of an ETV means that you can market your products and use test results from one country when you promote your product on an international scale.

The ETV verification was established in the EU as a pilot project in 2012 covering three areas of technology. In connection with the establishment of EU ETV in ETA-Danmark, our process was accredited by DANAK.

You can obtain an EU ETV for your technology in the areas of:

  • Water treatment and monitoring
  • Energy, including technologies for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Materials, waste and resources, including waste handling and recycling.

You can also obtain an ETV verification. Like the EU ETV this will give you the benefit of having reliable documentation for your product. The verification can be made in collaboration with verification bodies in other countries, such as Korea, Canada, the USA and Japan.

You can obtain an ETV for your technology in the areas of:

  • Agricultural technologies
  • Air cleaning and monitoring
  • Monitoring and cleaning of soil and groundwater
  • Cleaner production and processes.

We expect these technologies to be included in the EU programme at a later date.

Being accredited by DANAK in all technologies, we can offer ETV of high technical quality. 

We work together with DANETV (Danish Center for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies) to complete the ETV process. DANETV is a collaboration between five approved technological service institutes (GTS institutes): DHI, Danish Technological Institute, FORCE Technology, AgroTech and DELTA.


Peter Fritzel
Peter Fritzel Projektleder | Project Manager
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