European Technical Assessment

It is a voluntary scheme and applications can be made for all products not covered by harmonised standards. Having obtained an ETA you can CE mark your product.

How to obtain an ETA Issued ETA's

If, as a manufacturer, you wish to market your product in an EU country, applying for an ETA may make good sense. It gives you the possibility to prepare a declaration of performance and CE mark your product. Applying for an ETA is particularly relevant for you if your product is innovative or your construction product or system is complex.

ETA is a voluntary scheme which applies to all areas, products and constructions for which no harmonised standard has been made - or will be made in the near future. Typically, an ETA is issued for new materials and areas in which the developments are so fast that standards would not be appropriate. Or for complex building systems or areas in which existing materials/constructions are often used in an untraditional manner.

An ETA describes the properties of a certain product intended for a specific purpose. All manufacturers, in EU countries as well as non-EU countries, can apply for an ETA. This also goes for agents applying on behalf of a manufacturer.

An ETA is prepared on the basis of an EAD (European assessment document). An ETA and an EAD represent the total compilation of technical specifications. 

ETA guidelines published under the construction regulations can be used as an EAD during a transitional period and will form the basis of the issue of an ETA. Approval conditions based on Article 9.2 of the Construction Products Regulation, i.e. CUAP, are to be converted into EADs before they can be used as the basis of an ETA.

ETA-Danmark has been accredited by DANAK and notified by the Danish Energy Agency enabling us to issue ETAs and draw up EADs (European assessment documents); see the Construction Products Regulation (EU) 2011/305

ETA-Danmark A/S has been elected to the EOTA Executive Board. Here we work to ensure, among other things, that the transition from CPD to CPR, i.e. from the Construction Products Directive to the Construction Products Regulation, is the easiest possible process for manufacturers. We also contribute actively to working out the format of future ETAs and EADs.


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