About ETA-Danmark

ETA-Danmark is an independent body which approves construction products. We have long-standing experience in issuing voluntary approvals in Denmark.

ETA-Danmark has more than 40 years of experience with approving construction products in Denmark. We issue MK approvals for materials and constructions and VA approvals for water and drainage equipment.

Moreover, we issue approvals for innovative construction products. During the process we assess whether the product is suited for the purpose and whether it meets the requirements of the Danish Building Regulation and relevant documents. 

It is our aim to provide our clients with a recognised and competent assessment of the product’s properties in relation to its intended use and the requirements of the Danish Building Regulations. We work to ensure a smooth, flexible and transparent process. 

We possess broad knowledge of the Danish Building Regulation and the European Construction Products Regulation – this provides our clients with the security that we are a competent sparring partner throughout the approval process. 

We have been accredited by DANAK and notified by the Danish Energy Agency.

ETA-Danmark A/S is accredited by DANAK under registration number 9099 to inspection in accordance with EU ETV GVP and ISO 14034 for vertification for environmental technology.

ETA-Danmark A/S is a member of EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment) in which we have taken an  active part in influencing the basic objectives and policies for EOTA.

To ensure a wide possibility of mutual acknowledgement of our services at the European and international level, ETA-Danmark A/S is a member of UEAtc (Union Européenne pour l’Agrément technique dans la construction) and of WFTAO (World Federation of Technical Assessment Organisations).

ETA-Danmark is a subsidiary of Danish Standards Foundation.

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You are very welcome to contact us if you want to know more about how we can help you obtain approval of a construction product. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a meeting without commitment.

Phone: +45 72 24 59 00
E-mail: eta@etadanmark.dk


Thomas Bruun
Thomas Bruun Adm. direktør | Managing Director
E: tb@etadanmark.dk
T: 72 24 59 68

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