How to obtain an ETA

There are nine stages in the process of obtaining an ETA. You can read about the stages here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  1. The applicant completes and submits an application form. ETA-Danmark assesses whether the product is covered by the Construction Products Regulation and whether it is suitable for an ETA. Then a service agreement is drawn up between the applicant and ETA-Danmark.
  2. The applicant submits further technical information, if any, about the product.
  3. The applicant and ETA-Danmark jointly determine the essential characteristics and expected performance for the product in question.
  4. ETA-Danmark draws up an application and a work programme for EOTA if a European assessment document (EAD) does not already exist.
  5. The applicant confirms the continuation of the cooperation once the final work program is ready. In combination with the service agreement and the final work programme, the confirmation constitutes the contractual basis in accordance with Annex II.2 of regulation 305/2011 (EU).
  6. ETA-Danmark draws up an EAD based on the technical input provided by the applicant. ETA-Danmark attends to the process in EOTA. The applicant comments on the final draft of the EAD.
  7. The applicant performs the relevant tests and submits the documentation to ETA-Danmark when the final draft of the EAD has been endorsed by EOTA;  or, alternatively, if an ETA Guideline exists which may be used as EAD.
  8. ETA-Danmark draws up an evaluation report and a draft of the ETA.  The applicant is requested to comment on the report before it is submitted to EOTA for comments.
  9. ETA-Danmark issues the ETA when comments, if any, on the documents from EOTA have been considered and accepted by the applicant. The approval is shown on ETA-Danmark’s website.

The applicant is required to inform ETA-Danmark when the CE-marking is commenced and if any changes have to be made to the ETA.

General conditions.

European Technical Assessments are the documented assessment of the performance of a construction product, in relation to its essential characteristics, in accordance with the respective European Assessment Document.

A European Technical Assessment is necessary to enable manufacturers of construction products to draw up a declaration of performance for a construction product which is not covered or not fully covered by a harmonized standard. Applying for a European Technical Assessment is not a legal obligation.

All European Technical Assessments issued by ETA-Danmark are available for download on this web site.

ETA-Danmark’s regulation specifies that for European Technical Assessments issued by ETA-Danmark, the ETA-holder must inform ETA-Danmark immediately when:

  • the content of the issued European Technical Assessment does not any longer correspond to the product-type.
  • the subject of the European Technical Assessment does no longer comply with legal and regulatory provisions and/or that the product no longer complies with the   provisions of the European Technical Assessment.

Consequently, ETA-Danmark may withdraw the European Technical Assessment text from the ETA-Danmark website and consider the European Technical Assessment as having been withdrawn by the ETA-holder.

Unless the ETA-holder requests the continued publication on the ETA-Danmark website, ETA-Danmark will withdraw ETA texts from its list of issued European Technical Assessments 5 years after the issuing  thereof.


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