ETA approval

If, as a manufacturer, you wish to market your product in an EU country, applying for an ETA may make good sense. It gives you the possibility to prepare a declaration of performance and CE mark your product. Applying for an ETA is particularly relevant for you if your product is innovative or your construction product or system is complex.

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Simpson Strong-Tie

Why we choose ETA-Danmark as our cooperation partner

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When to use national annexes?

For certain product families, for which an EAD has been prepared, a national annex may also exist. Typically, ...  Read more »


What does the VA approval cost?

Below is a list of the costs involved in having your construction product VA approved or your VA approval rene...  Read more »

About ETA-Danmark
ETA-Danmark is an independent body which approves construction products. We have long-standing experience in issuing voluntary approvals in Denmark. 

ETA-Danmark has more than 40 years of experience with approving construction products in Denmark. We issue MK-approvals for materials and constructions and VA-approvals for water and drainage equipment.