Approval of water supply and drainage systems (VA)

A VA approval is a voluntary Danish scheme for water supply and drainage products. The VA mark will help you strengthen the sale of your products because the VA mark is recognised and respected in the industry.

At ETA-Danmark we have more than 40 years’ experience with VA approvals, also after the legislation was changed. We issue approvals and renew existing approvals for the mechanical and physical properties of your building product, such as taps, water pipes and valves. 

The VA approval includes an assessment of the suitability of water supply and drainage products as construction products in relation to the information provided by the manufacturer. It is also an assessment of whether the products fulfil the Danish requirements defined in the Danish Building Regulation as well as related norms and guidelines.

The advantages of VA approvals include:
  • The VA mark is recognised and respected in the industry
  • The VA mark is in demand by professionals
  • The VA mark shows that the product fulfils the Danish norms for water supply and drainage systems
  • The VA mark documents that you can mount the product in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulation.

If you need approval of your building product’s compliance with health requirements, you should contact the Danish Technological Institute. They administer the approval scheme for building products in contact with drinking water.

Download application form for VA approval.